Monday, September 29, 2008

Going back to work

One of the most difficult experiences for me was returning to work after my maternity leave. When I was pregnant, I thought I'd have my baby, take my time off, and then be raring to go back to the real world of work. Nothing could have been further from the truth.
Around the fourth week of my twelve-week leave, I started dreading my return to work. The night before returning I cried, barely slept, and cried again the next day. Returning to work stirs up so many emotions. Some mothers feel like failures because they can't be home to raise their children. All kinds of feelings, unlike any ever experienced, suddenly rush in and overwhelm. It's a very trying time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My little CoccaNut is snoozing while I catch up on some current events and enjoy my Starbucks Iced Coffee...yum. I'm feeling very sentimental today as it gets closer to the day that I go back to work. Here's I poem I would like to share that my mom sent to me.

A mommy and daddy you two will soon be (and now you are).
To a tiny little baby so precious to thee (our little Mason).
When you brought him home you watched him with love.
You brought him in this world with a hand from above.
So precious and beautiful, and looks just like you.
Looking up in your eyes he will say I love you.
You will rock him, and kiss him, and hug him so much.
He will look in your face and smile to your touch.
Oh mommy and daddy I love you, I do!
When you kiss me, and hug me, I get chills through and through.
You will love him forever, and ever for sure.
You will peek in his room, before closing the door.
You will change him and feed him, and dress him with pride
And then you'll be ready to go for a ride.
When he's in the car, he will fall fast asleep.
And when you get home, you won't hear a peep.
On his first day of school, you will be so proud.
When you see him get off the bus with the rest of the crowd.
He will smile and be happy when he see's your face .
So happy for him that his first day was aced.
On his first date, you will worry a lot.
If that person he's seeing will be right or not.
Oh boy!!! The wedding, what a wonderful day.
But you have to let go and give him away.
You will cry with happiness for your baby is grown.
And he will then start a family of his own.
So mommy and daddy, be loving and blessed.
That you brought this little baby into your nest.
You will nurture, and fuss, and do all you can do.
To make his life wonderful, and he will always love you.
Love (Mom) Grandma DD............thank you for my wonderful Grandson!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 12

Okay, this time a week from today will be my first day back to work and my little CoccaNuts first day away from me. I'm torn as this day gets closer...I'm looking forward to being back in the real world, but I'm distraught about leaving my little one for the first time. He's turning into such a wonderful baby...last night he spent the first night in his crib. I didn't get any sleep for fear of something happening to my little boy so I spent most of the night staring at the video monitor watching him breath. Okay, well I'm off to Target to buy items for CoccaNuts first day with the sitter. Wish me luck!