Thursday, February 28, 2013

A ER visit

On Monday we started the week off with a bang...literally! Drew climbed up on the kitchen table and as I was walking over to get him down, he fell off backwards and hit the tile floor. I quickly scooped him up while he screamed. While comforting him we walked upstairs to his room and then he fell asleep in my arms. I tried to wake him and he.would.not.wake.up! I calmly called a friend in the medical field and said to take him to the ER. By the time we got to the ER he was back to himself and I had to chase him around the hospital for two hours. Thankfully, Scott met me there and was a huge help, but these days Drew doesn't want much to do with anyone put me. The doc looked Drew over and said he seemed fine. It was such a scary morning with a great outcome. This one is going to give me gray hair!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Catch up

Hi y'all! We've been having so much fun lately. We had a really nice Valentines Day. Scott and I don't usually make a big deal out of it and I don't even get my little guys anything. I know...bad mommy. I promise you they aren't doing with out. Mason and I made the cutest Valentines treats for his friends at preschool and he came home with quite a bit of loot. Scott surprised me with a massage at one of our local spas that I actually enjoyed last night. When the therapist asked me what I wanted and to tell me a little bit about myself I told her that I was "just" a mom. After I said that I was kind of disappointed in myself...I am so much more then "just" a mom.

The boys have been super active lately and keeping me plenty busy! We can't wait for spring and all the outdoor activities.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just Girls

About a month ago, Scott informed me that he was going to the. Super Bowl with his brother. Naturally, I was super excited for him, but I'm not one to let him "out do" me in the fun department. So, I starting texting away to see if my fun group of friends that just so happen to live on the same street as me where available for a girls weekend. Most of them were and so we settled on Ft. Worth for our stay. Most of the girls couldn't meet up until Saturday, but Steph and I being the slacker mommies that we are took off for cow town the moment Steph got home from work. My amazing parents kept the boys for me and Jeff took care of Steph's kiddos. My mom works on Dallas and we were wanted to avoid Friday rush hour so we stopped at Sissy's Southern Kitchen off of Knox/Henderson in Dallas for a bite to eat. Have you been? I can't say enough about this place...the cutest little restaurant and the food was Amaze Balls! We had to sit at the bar because they were completely booked. I got say...kind of fun sitting a the bar for dinner and chatting it up with the bartender. Something I haven't done in ages. After dinner we did some shopping at The shops at Park Lane.

Once arriving at our Hotel, The Worthington...where I just happen to have my senior prom many moons ago (class of 2000 baaabbbyyyy!) we climbed into bed and called it a night. That next morning we walked around Sundance Square and then road the bus (no drinking and driving for us) to the Stockyards. We walked around, shopped and had our boots shined. Then we walked to Joe T. Garcia's do meet the rest of the crew and randomly have our picture taken with Joe T. After a couple Margarita's there we were all feeling great and walked back to the Stockyards. Such a fun afternoon with know real obligations. Later we went back to the room and all got gussied up for a fun night out at Billy Bob's. We had an unfortunate dinner at Simply Fondue. I personally have never liked Simply Fondu, but was trying to be a team player. Wade Bowen was playing at Billy Bob's...I'm a huge fan of his so it was such a treat to hear him play. After Billy Bob's all of the girls except for Steph and I went back to the room. Us Crazy mamasita chose to hit a few more bars before last call. Such a fun weekend and I think we are all looking forward to the next one!