Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Letting Go

It's hard for me to let go of friendships.  Sometimes you feel like you're compatible with a person to find out that maybe that was the case for the other person.  I'm not sure if I did something to offend them or if after getting to know me they just decided I wasn't their cup of tea.  This is hard for me to accept.  Sometime you just have to let go and move on and not dwell on what you could have done differently.

Monday, July 30, 2012

What I'm loving right now

Here's a few things that I'm loving at the moment.
Make Up For Ever HD.  This stuff is incredible. When it comes to foundation I usually always splurge and by the good stuff.  For several years now I've used Mac's Studio Fix, but recently decided to try this stuff.  To say I love it would be an understatement.  The first time I wore it Mr. CoccaNuts asked me what I did differently with my make up and that it was working for me.

I recently bought All baby instead of Dreft.  I've really never been that head over heels over Dreft and it's price tag.  All baby gets the stains out and smell so good.

This B12 is such a nice little all natural energy boost to start your day. I drink it with a little unsweetened cranberry, apple cider vinegar and a lime.  Email me if you want the exact recipe.

The best cream I've had hands down.

When it comes to baby monitors I would like to consider myself the expert..LOL. I think we've gone through five. This is the newest one Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor by Summer Infant.  Such a great monitor.  We love the Talk-back feature allowing parents to talk to baby while in the nursery. This is handy when Mason climbs in the crib with Drew and starts picking him up like he's a baby doll.

Still one of my favorite slings.  HotSling.  I've tried out several and this is still one of my favorites.  I especially love how  you can use it a all the different stages of the baby's first year. LOVE!


This little phrase is Mason's response to anything that he gets in trouble for.  For some reason he feels that by saying that he's guaranteed he will not get into trouble. Yesterday, while riding in the car he started throwing things at his brother and calling him poop po face and other words that only little boys can come up with.  I today him that when we get home he will be receiving a spanking.  He then proceeded to tell me that when I stopped the car that he was going to jump out of the car and run away from me as fast as he could so I couldn't catch him. Well...by the time we stopped the car he forgot about the spanking that I promised.  He walked into the house and then as soon as the door shut I delivered the spanking that I promised...sneaky mommy.

Disclaimers: The spanking was on his bottom and he really wasn't even fazed by it.  The kid is tough as nails y'all. I realize spanking isn't for everyone, but here in the CoccaNuts house it's put into action every once in a while.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just another day

So tired this morning. All of the decisions that have to be made about the house gives me tired head.  To glaze the walls or not to glaze the walls??? And who knew that glaze walls for three rooms would cost $1200...sheesh! Good news is that it's all coming together quickly.  We should be back in our home sweet home by August 18th!  We stayed there a couple of nights ago and even though we don't have a kitchen, it was soooo nice to be home.  I loved that both of our boys were fast asleep in the own beds. The guest house that we're staying in is great, but there's just no place like home.  I'm especially looking forward to be back in our house just in time for fall!  I can already picture it: windows open, football on the tv, apple crisp candle on the coffee table and a fall beer in my hand! Fall is my favorite season of all. 

We saw Griffin on Monday and he seems to be doing really well.  He was super excited to see us and really over the moon when he saw Mason. He still has about four weeks left in his BOW WOW BOOT CAMP.

A couple of days ago I received news that one of my good friends from grade school passed away.  She was thirty years old, married with three adorable boys.  Her death was very sudden and unexpected. One of her boys will start kinder in a few short weeks without his mommy and one of her boys is so young that he won't even remember her.  My heart aches for her husband and sweet boys.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Looking forward to the weekend!

We are so looking forward this weekend. Lots going on though.

I have to get Mase packed up because he's going to weekend with his Nonny and Papa's for the weekend.

The Mr. And I are celebrating seven years as Mr. and Mrs. CoccaNuts on Saturday. We'll also be celebrating our first outing with just the two of us since Drew was born. He's 8 months old y'all! To say we are looking forward to it would be quiet the understatement, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about leaving Drew for the first time. I'll put him to bed before the sitter gets here, but still I'm nervous. Our anniversary present to each othe is this new bed.

Wednesday we met my sister and her boys for a little fun at a train park. The big boys ran off some energy and the babies sat in the shade thinking about the day that they'll be able to toddle after them. It was a fu day and I love to watch Mase and Landon play. Afterwards went into Victoria's Secret because I need a few new pairs of undies. The boys were running around that place like wild men. Mason told me sister that he thought this store was precious! He also told me that girls don't work and I told him that someday you're going to make a girl very happy!

I have so much more to say, but I have to get a few things accomplished before Drew's nap and Mason is begging me to play bingo with him and let's face it one day it will be me begging him to play.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breakfast with a view

Good morning y'all! Lots going on around here. I picked out cabinets for our kitchen and master bathroom. Scott's chatting with General Contractor to the right of me and Scott just called me Jennifer so it's getting serious over here. LOL!

This Is the style, but we haven't picked out stain yet and we're putting glass inserts in a few of them and building a wine rack above the refrigerator.

There's a dumpster in my drive way. Hope my neighbors aren't too pissed about that.


This is what my down stairs currently looks like. The kitty cats are a little freaked out. Poor things.

#2 eating his breakfast with a few!



Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday recap

I'm constantly writing blog post in my head and then when I actually have time to sit down and blog...I got nothing.

This little cutie and I took a few naps together.  I love that he still holds his giraffe love when he sleeps.  I went out an bought him that about an hour after I found our I was pregnant with him.

Swim lessons happened.  He did great and is looking forward to his next lesson.

We took a walk one evening after I put Drew down for the night.  I love when I able to have 1:1 time with him.

This guy is getting more personality by the minute.  He's a little bit more high mainatce the Mason if you can believe that. He's happy as long as I'm in arms reach.

My favorite part of the day is in the morning watching these two play while I sip on a cup of coffee.

Clean baby smell...what's not to love.

His eyes are still soooo blue. Maybe they'll stay.

These are the new floors we picked.  Next up...cabinets. 

One of my favorite blogger wrote the a great post this week.  See it here

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A birthday party at Shenaniganz

I wanted to write a quick review on Shenaniganz in Rockwall. We recently had Mason's fourth birthday party there. We selected the bounce house section. It was very clean and you didn't feel like you had to douse your children in hand sanitizer when you left. We were assigned to staff members that handled ever last detail of the party. The even wrote down the gifts that Mason received and who the gift was from. The party ran so smoothly and I never had to lift a finger the entire time. It was so nice to actually enjoy the party and not be caught up with all the the little things. Mason had a blast and has already requested Shenaniganz for his next party. The only down fall is that it's a wee bit on the pricy side. The package is for 8 children and that includes the birthday child so any children over that is an additional $20...we had a total of 14...ouch! All in all I highly recommend Shenaniganz for a birthday party!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good news and bad news

Yesterday I over heard this little conversation:

Mason: Dad, I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?

Scott: good news.

Mason: the good news is that mommy's home and the bad news is that I have a boo boo right here.

Such a funny little shortie.


I really do have good news...the remodel on our house is starting tomorrow!!!! They'll begin ripping up the old hardwood floors tomorrow. I think that'll take a couple of days. In the meantime we'll be look at flooring and cabinet samples. I think we've settled on a 5 inch hand scraped for the new floors, but I have no idea on the cabinets. We hired a decorator to help us with some of theses decisions.

Mason had his swim evaluation yesterday and really enjoyed it. I've heard nothing put great things about the Rockwall Aquatic Center and got to experience it first hand. Their customer service is impeccable. Mason will be going every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

I just got off of the phone with the dog trainer that has Griffin. He says he's doing really well, but I doubt he would tell if he wasn't. He did say that Griff is quite the barker and that he would be fixing that for sure. Thank you Jesus...that's worth the money right there. I'm probably having the hardest time with him being gone because he's been attached to my hip since the day we brought him home. Can't wait to go visit him in a couple weeks!!!

Must cut this short...the teething baby is up from his nap.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A glimpse into our morning

I started this morning by Mason climbing in my bed begging me to play I SPY on his Nintendo DS, so what's a mama to do...play I spy of course. Next up Drew is ready for his breakfast, but mommy needs her coffee. Mason's really great about entertaining Lil Bro while I get the coffee going. Side note...there's really not anything better then hearing sibling giggles come from the other room. After Drew nurses we usually play on the floor for a bit before getting the boys breakfast.



And Drew likes to stick his hand in his mouth after bite of his oatmeal. I think it may have something to with another round of teething. I gave him some orajel teething tablets this morning and he seemed much less grumpy.


Mason has his swim evaluation at the Rockwall Aquatic Center this afternoon and then he will start swim lesson 2-3 times a week. There's been several children drown this summer in the DFW area so Scott and I decide not to mess around and get him enrolled. He's not a fan of going under water so it should be interesting. Here's a few pictures of the place we're staying for the next few months. I really nice and I kind of feel like I'm on a little mini vacay.

Sorry for the typos...still getting use to blogging on my IPAD.


Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm Back!!!!

Hey y'all here goes my attempt at blogging again. Lots going on in the CoccaNuts land. For starters our house flooded a couple of weeks ago and now we have completely moved out of our house and into a friend's guest house. It's nice and cozy and has made me realize that house is just a house and home is where ever I am with my family. The boys have adjusted so well and Drew will sleep where ever with out any problems.

We just celebrated Mason's fourth birthday this past Saturday. We had such a great time with a ton of our friends. Hard to believe my first born is four...time marches on. The Mr. and I just recently decided to put Mason in preschool three days a week versus his two days that he's been doing the last couple of years. This makes me sad for a few reasons I love having him home and he's growing up too fast as it is, but also because most of my friends are on a two days a week schedule so there will be less time for us to get together. I have to put my selfishness aside because he's pumped about his additional day at school.


Drew Beans is a week or so away from 8 months. Ack...we're getting much closer to being a year old. We are still nursing and plan on weaning around 12 months. He's very much attached to his paci which is still kind of strange because Mason wanted nothing to do with a pacifier. I'm a slave to the damn pacifier, but the damn thing has been such a lifesaver at times though. Moving on...he loves to eat, especially Tex Mex. Are we surprised??? Not so much...it's a staple at the CoccaNut house. Drew sits up, says dada and babbles, but that's about it. Not crawling, but that's really fine by me. ;)


I recently joined WeightWatchers online. I'm determined to loose this weight. Whoever said oh you can eat whatever you want because you breast feeding FREAKING LIED! My body is funny...I never gain much wait while pregnant and usually drop about 30 pounds right after giving birth, but about a month later I start packing on the pounds. It very well may be very difficult for me to get back to my happy size until I stopped nursing, but I'm really going to try!

That's all for now. Time to go run a ton of errands and get back to my little shorties!