Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Mason!!!

Dear Sweet Baby Boy,

Two years ago today I was handed the most beautiful baby boy I have ever laid eyes on. I was instantly in love! I remember asking myself how can you loves someone so much that you just met?!?!There was a flood of emotions and fears. It was now my job to provide for you and keep you safe. I still remember every small detail about the day you were born and I know I always will. I can't believe we've already made it through two amazing years. And more fun is ahead. In two years you've gone from taking a bottle, to taking a sippy cup and to now just handing you a juice box or a cup with a straw. To anyone one else that might sound like know big deal, but to me, that's growth right before my eyes. I wish I could tell you to slow down, but we both know that's not going to happen. You don't know it, but I am constantly watching you and each day I am amazed at how fast you're are changing. I've noticed that lately instead of calling our cat Nina (her name is Xena) somewhere along the way you learned how to pronounce her name as longer to I hear you call her Nina. I'm happy for the development, but I must admit I will always have a special place in my heart for hearing you say NINA NINA! I could sit here and list out all the milestone you've hit or all the other things you've learned in the past two years, but all I really want tell you is that I love you and that I'm so happy God chose me to be your mommy. These past two years have been the most amazing years of my life. You've taught me patience and unconditional love. Seeing things through your eyes makes me step back and appreciate the small things. You are a strong willed and determined little boy that at times makes me a little crazy, but I know you are going to to great things with those qualities. I can't wait to experience your life, and the whole world with you! Make a wish and blow out your candles...Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!
I love you more then you'll every know!

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Jessica said...

Jennifer- Very sweet. Happy 2nd anniversary of being a wonderful mom!