Thursday, November 13, 2008

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Thirsty Thursday - Met Scott for lunch today as he is on his Paternity leave for the next few weeks. We met at Coopies a restaurant in Fire Wheel that we love. He'd done a little shopping before hand which include a couple of sleepers for little MC, a vest for him (Christmas Pics on Saturday) and a gift bag from Zales for me!!! He bought me diamond stud earrings!!! I was shocked. I was afraid he was going to buy me another Coach or Dooney and I really hoped that he didn't because I already have several of those and really wanted something different. So now I'm sporting my new bling....they're absolutely beautiful!

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waltonsinaustin said...

How sweet! Such a good hubby. Can't wait to see you guys next week! Love you.