Monday, March 9, 2009

A shout out to my Mom!

My mom is such a wonderful Grandmother. I've known this all along, but really experienced it this past Saturday. We had a shower to go to for my cousin and I went over to my mom and dad's a few hours earlier so that dad could spend some time with Mase too. When it was time to go to the shower I strapped Mason into the car seat and mom climbed in back to sit next to Mason...I'm thinking to myself this is a bad idea because he's going to see her and not understand why she isn't holding him, but I'm not going to say anything because he's the love of her life and nothing would stop her from spending time with him. Once we make it to the shower is when I realize how helpful she is. She holds Mason so that I can eat and interact with my family members, keeps my keys in her pocket because she knows I'm way too much like my dad and will leave them somewhere, holds Mason while I make a bottle, feeds him, goes back in the back to assist with changing his diaper (and that's really need because he's quite the wiggle worm these days) and loves him unconditionally. What can I say...I am so blessed to have such a wonderful Mom/Grandmother/Friend! Love you Mom.

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