Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sorry…It’s been a while. Life has been a bit busy. My little man is rapidly changing and I wish he would just slow down. He’ll been 9 months on Friday…when did that happen?!?! He’s definitely on the move these days especially after his bath. Our routine is I lay him down on the floor because there’s now way I can leave him on the changing table because he will surely end up on the floor the way that he squires. I then go into his closet to pick out his jammies and he’s already clear across the room on the move to get his turtle. The picture above is usually the face he gives me when I turn around. We just started stage 3 foods, but he isn’t very interested in them, but he wants anything you’re eating. We went to Salt Grass Steak House a couple nights ago and I gave him a few bites of my mashed potatoes and he was in hog heaven! In the last week he started saying dada and has almost said mama and is very close to saying up. They most rewarding thing that he started doing a few weeks ago is signing *MILK*! I have been showing him that sign since he was about 2 months old and now he gets it and uses it in the right context. So cute! He really enjoys watching signing time too. About Scott and me…Scott’s birthday is the Wednesday; we usually celebrate birthday weeks instead of just a day so I plan on giving him a gift each day for the entire week. Last night he got a black COACH belt. We got a new car a few nights ago…GMC Acadia…I LOVE IT! I leave you with this poem…Have a BLESSED week!

To My Little Man

Those super-sized blue eyes
Those round plump cheeks
That infectious belly laugh
That silly dimple-ridden grin

What makes my baby so exceptional?
Is it his kind silent soul?
Or is it the glow of innocence he radiates?

That wet raspberry kiss
That quiet little sigh
Those rosy red cheeks
Those snicker bar toes

What makes a heart fill to the bursting point for one little person?
Is it carrying him for those grueling nine months?
Or is it his inner spirit calling out to me?

Oh, little man your mommy loves you so!

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The Northups said...

Very cute! Glad you guys have the same high chair and like it! Ellis did pretty good this morning with his rice cereal, he ate the whole bowl. I'll switch to oatmeal on Friday and then add some squash. Seriously, who wouldn't want squash for breakfast!! :)