Friday, May 1, 2009

Poop Happens!!!

So last night I had plans with a few girl friends so Scott was on “Baby Duty”… So when I arrived home around 10:00 I look and the video baby monitor to see Mason and I notice that he is wearing only a diaper…why is he not wearing pajamas?!?! Well Scott said that when he was upstairs getting Mason ready for bed he smelled poop so he smells Mason’s backside and sure enough my Little Man had an explosion. Those that have changed Mason lately know that he’s quite the wiggle worm and makes it a little challenging to get his diaper on. While Scott was in the process of changing him Mason grabs the dirty diaper and smears poop all over him and Scott. Scott cleans him up and then he’s so exhausted from that ordeal that he puts him to bed immediately after. Okay, now fast forward 10 minutes…Scott walks over to the monitor and see’s a baby sleeping soundly in just a diaper…he wasn’t about to go up and wake him so he just turned the heat up a few extra degrees. Got to love it!!!

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