Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Recap

So for Easter I decided to get Mason a different kind of gift…I figure I have several more years to do the Easter basket and let’s face it at 9 months that would be more for me then him. With that said, I decided to get him a blow up pool (which Scott thoroughly enjoyed) and then I filled it with 200 balls. When I woke my little guy up from his nap and brought him down stairs the ball pit immediately caught his eye and he squirmed out of my arms and launched himself in. So cute. Around 1:00 my parents and grandparents arrived and we had a yummy lunch that we all pitched in and made. They only thing missing was my best friend AKA my sister and brother-in-law. They live in Austin so it’s not always easy for them to come up. I miss her more and more everyday. Love ya sis!

Mason is on the move these days and I am so not prepared. We have to baby proof ASAP. I couldn’t wait for him to start crawling, but now I’ve decided that crawling is a dirty word…just kidding I’m excited about his new found skills, but it make me a little crazy trying to keep up with him and make sure he’s not pulling the plasma TV over on his head, chewing on a laptop cord or finding the cat’s litter box. It is pretty cute though…yesterday when I got home he was playing with his daddy in the living room and I went in the bedroom to change and before I knew it he had followed me in and was so excited when he finally made it to his destination….Me! In the last couple of weeks I’ve decided to start him on table food which he is really digging and makes going out to dinner occasionally so much easier. He’s a big fan of whole wheat waffles as am I because I stick him in the high chair give him a waffle and it gives me about 30 minutes to get dinner going with out having to worry about what he’s into.

9 MONTH STATS: 19 LBS and 29 INCHES…Long and Lean!

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