Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Little Man!

This post is a little Rainbows and Unicorns so you'll just have to deal.  It's no shock to most that the last few months Mason has started to be a wee bit aggressive, i.e. lots of hitting and an occasional bite here and there.  Well, I decided to change my approach to parenting and stop spanking and strickly inforce time-outs for 3 minutes.  No judgement here if spanking works for you, but it was clearly not working for us.  It's been a month since the last spanking went down and Scott and I have noticed a signficant change in his behavior.  Today we ventured out to a playdate that I have pretty much avoided like the plague for fear of Mason being labeled "that kid"  and y'all he was such a dream hitting, no aggressive behavior and I only had to tell him once to stop doing something and my baby would listen.  I'm so proud of him and I make a really big deal out what a great job he's doing and I get the biggest cheese smile and wet kiss in return.  So today I feel like a successful parent who may have a little bit of an edge up on this 3 year old. 

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Laura said...

That's awesome. Keep up the good work!!