Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Half Way There

I'm 20 weeks pregnant with CoccaNut #2!  This morning is my 20 week sonogram where we could find out the gender of the baby.  With that being said, along I've said that I don't want to know the gender until birth, but here I am a few hours away from our appt and I feel like I'm going to crack...aaahhh!!! Someone please talk me down from the ledge!!!

I will be equally excited for either sex...all I pray for is a healthy baby. 

This pregnancy has gone great...I love being pregnant!!! I'm still amazed at how quickly it going by...kind of scary that before I know it I will have an outside baby.  I haven't taken any pictures of my bump...I've never been really big on that.  I'm going to try to get better at documenting the pregnancy, but don't hold your breath.

Well I'm going to go get ready for our appt now.  Please say a prayer that our little baby is developing just the way he/she should.



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