Thursday, August 2, 2012

My two cents worth on Baby Food

In some ways I'm more laid back with Drew and in others I'm far more up tight.  I thought I might be a little more up tight in regards to starting solids because Mason isn't the best eater and I wanted to make sure I didn't make the same "mistakes" with Drew.  We started Mason on solids around 4ish months.  He was never really into it.  We quickly switched to table food for the most part with a jar of sweet potatoes here in there.  With Drew we waited until the customary 6 months starting with oatmeal followed be jar food a few weeks later.  I had high hopes of making all of his food, but quickly came back to reality.  Jar food does get quite expensive and I know you can save dollar bills by making it, but Scott felt that it was more important to have his wife calm and collected at the end of the day so store bought jars  here we come.  Now, I've bought all kinds of brands.  With Mason Earth's Best was what we bought the most of because lets face it organic is the best for the first kid.  We bought organic milk, organic baby food and organic snacks...looking back I crack up. I think the only thing Ol' Drew has had organic is his oatmeal...poor neglected second child. :(

Out of all the food I've tried this has been mine and Drew's favorite.
Beech Nut

I noticed my sister feeding Baby Owie a jar while we were out to eat a few weeks ago.  I think it was broccoli and carrots or something like that and I noticed how it actually smelled like something I would eat.  It almost smelled like the Broccoli and Cheese soup at Chili's...I kid you not. Side note...I love how I can learn new baby/toddler things from my younger sister.  She's great at finding good finds for the babies.  I call her often and ask her "now when are the suppose to do this".  It's been a while since I've been in the baby phase and for her it wasn't that long ago since Landon was almost 2 when she had Owie. Back to the reason of my post.  With Mason I would have never bought Beech Nut...for some reason I had in my mind that it was the reject of baby foods.  I've only found the Beech Nut brand at Walmart.  Their food is very inexpensive and Drew's a big fan. Actually, Drew's a big fan of anything food related...that's a whole other post.  Boy's a hot mess when it's meal time...can't shovel it in fast enough.

So there you have it, my two cents worth on baby food. 

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Jessica said...

I used beachnut for Ellis because of the coupons. And I too had every intention of making my own baby food, but it just never happened. I think I made one batch and that was it.