Thursday, August 9, 2012

Insanity at its best

I told Scott that i would be drinking everyday this week 

So far I have followed through. Wish I could stay as committed to eating well and working out.


Each night this week Scott and I have ended the night with a little cocktail consisting of Tito's vodka and Simply Limeade. Refreshing and takes just enough of the edge off so that you're willing to start the craziness all over the next day. See we're coming down to the wire on Operation Remodel the Flooded House. The painters have been dragging some serious ass with the paint piece. And if it wasn't for my sweet animal loving husband who decided to go check on our cats and make sure the fumes didn't kill them we might not have the little friends anymore. The painters taped plastic sheets ( I have no idea what the technical name is...nor do I care) where all the doors go and those bleep bleeps taped the cats shut in there. I kid you not. Griff just thought he had it bad at doggy boot camp. We're in the home stretch now and I have no more clean clothes or panties because I got clothes for everybody, but Old' Mom here.


And Mason eats like crap these days.


He is usually a really good eater, but lately there's all kinds of bargaining going on.


And i'm soooo over it.


Drew Beans is officially crawling. It so cute.


It's cute because he's not very fast yet.


I'm sure the cuteness will ware off when he's crawling up my leg while I try to fix dinner in my new fancy to me kitchen!


For the most part everything is great and these are great problems to have and I'm so thankful...



Blah blah blah


We're just ready to be home...our home.

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