Monday, December 14, 2009


Morning! Thought I would try to squeeze a blog post in this morning while waiting for a friend to come over for coffee. Something that has become quite a morning ritual for her and I and the kiddos. No coffee for them though...the have more then enough energy without coffee. Although, Mason loves coffee. Speaking of Mason he's sitting in his high chair that I rolled up to the tv watching Yo Gabba Gabba while eating his breakfast. I know I know...Mother of the Year right?!?! That's was one of the things I said I would never do...that was before I knew what being a mom would be like. This is usually the time where I'm able to go to the bathroom by myself. Okay...enough rambling.

We had a great weekend. Met up with some old friends at Watters Creek in Allen where it just happen to work out that our meeting spot was right in front of the Santa pictures where there was no line. I didn't have any plans to take Mason to see Santa because I refuse to wait in any kind of line long or kind of short to see Santa. So long story short...Mason met Santa for the first time and he loved him! The picture turned out soooo cute! Extremely happy about our first Santa experience. What else...what else...oh yeah we ate at The Cheese Cake Factory after Santa where Scott and I vowed never to eat out with Mason again! He's at this stage where he has a very difficult time eating in a high chair or eating period. I think it's a control thing. Looks like the terrible two's are a coming! I guess that's about it. I'm hoping to get a lot of deep cleaning done in my house and finish up a few Christmas gifts. We are super excited for Christmas and we and my parents have gone completely over board on Mason for Christmas...he's sooo SPOILED!!! I can't believe Christmas is next week...I remember when Christmas use to take FOREVER to get here and now it's like I blink and it's Dec. 25th.

Sorry there isn't any pictures....running out of time...Mason is running this way right to go~

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