Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year Ya'll!!!

I thought it was about time for a new blog post...after all being a better blogger is one of my New Year's resolutions. The last week in 1/2 Scott and I have been put to the ringer...sure hope that's not a sign of how 2010 is going to go for us. Any who...Mason caught a bug on Christmas day and was sick for about a week in 1/2, then he caught an ear infection and then Scott and I caught it...YUCK! I think we are all on our way to a happier place now. Scott was off for about an week, but now he's back at work and Mase and I are settling back into our weekly routine. Tomorrow is his 18 month check-up...I know right..when did that happen?!?! He has grow quite attached to his mommy these days and is constantly at my saying up...up...up! I still love being a Stay at Home Mom and am so thankful for my husband who works so hard for me to be able to say home and raise our son. We are truly blessed! During last week if felt like God was testing me or at least reminding me to be thankful for the days that Mason is in a good mood and wants to play. Someday he won't want to play with mommy. We have been so lucky with sickness and Mason...this was the first time he got sick. I consider 18 months a pretty long run! So, with that said I'm going to limit my computer time to about an hour before he wakes up in the morning and about 30 minutes while he naps so that I can focus on all that I need to ensure that my family is being taken care of.

Here's a few things I learned while my baby was sick:
-that Mason ONLY wants his mommy to rock him
-How to take my cars eat apart to get throw-up out of it.

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