Monday, September 19, 2011

Am I the only one that's invisible?!?!

As much as I enjoy this time of year and football being a staple in our home I seem to get wife-amnesia ever year because the Mr. total forgets about everything around him including me.  The thing that bugs the most is him sitting on the couch with MY IPAD for 8 hours, I sit down next to him and if I ask him something I usually have to ask him 2-3 times before he hears me. I'm trying not to be on his case since it's only been 2 weeks and give him a chance to work it out, but this is my 11th football season with this man and I can probably tell you right now...he's not changing.  The Mr. is in two fantasy football leagues and uses the IPAD the whole day on Sunday to watch his scores change every 30 seconds...OY!

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