Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Morning Brain Dump

1. Looks like there's rain on the radar this morning...what a welcomed blessing that would be if we could get a full day of rain.
2. Morning snuggles with my MC are the best. 
3. It's taken me two hours to work on the post because my goodness the words just aren't flowing this morning.  Maybe the decaf pretend coffee I'm drinking will do the trick. 
4. I didn't get to get in on the Missoni for Target madness yesterday, but saw several items I would've loved to purchase.  I'm currently saving my weekly allowance for a pair of Tory Burch revas so there's not much spending going on in this neck of the woulds.  Mase and I have been hunkered down at the casa for the most part and trying to go at least one day a week with out leaving the house to save on meet my gas budget.
5. Speaking of Mason, yesterday he decided to go all T-Rex at school and bite a little on in his class named Scarlett for taking a baby doll away from him...oh I get to do the walk of shame tomorrow morning when I drop him off at school.  My sis picked him up from school so that bought me a little time.  I know these things are going to happen, but the still really get to me and hope that my child isn't labeled as that "kid" because anybody who knows MC knows that he's such a sweetie!
6. Went to the OB yesterday for my 28 week appt!  I will to a separate post for that topic...lots of fun stuff folks.
7. Scott bought me an IPAD last week and I can not say enough about this thing...oh my GAWD...I freaking love it.  Are there any APPS that you think is a must for me to download?  I've downloaded a few, and I think currently the Nook App is my favorite.  I love that I can buy the current issue of People and then take my IPAD to an appt and read it.

I guess that's about it...Mickey Mouse Club House is just about over which means my time is up.  Happy Hump Day friends!

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