Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rambling at it's best

Went to visit my newest nephew and oldest nephew this morning.  Had such a great time visiting with my sister while I was there.  It's been nice to see her go through all this "new baby" stuff as a refresher course for myself. I am now of the mind set that Drew can hold off on arriving until 40-41 weeks.  I just forgot how much those little vultures want to nurse.  I now recall walking around with my boobs hanging out at all points of the day because there was really no point to get those bad boys strapped back in because be the time you do they want to eat again.  With all that said Owen is super sweet and Landon seems to be adjusting really well to his new role as Big Brother. 

I put Mason down to nap and he protested for over and hour.  He didn't nap yesterday and I let that slide, but today he had school and without a nap on school days means a beast of an afternoon for mom.  I finally had to resort to a spat on the leg and now he's fast a sleep.  I hate have to be mean mommy.

Made this and eating it right now...seriously like crack people!!!

Getting ready to pack my hospital bag...anything that you wish you would've packed that you didn't?

It's been a blast watching the world series, but my DVR is seriously backed up due to it.  I'm sure in a few months I can enjoy watching my shows while feeding in the middle of the night...good times!

Mason is doing a Scentsy fudraiser at school so if there's anything you would like to order please let me know.  It ends at the end of this week.  :)

I guess that's about it...I'm going to go make these now!



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