Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mason's First Day of Pre-K

Mason started Pre-K this morning.  This is his third year of preschool. So, needless to say this morning was rather anticlimactic. Ms. Becky and Ms. Lori seem super and I'm looking forward to how his day went.  Seems like it was just yesterday that I dropped him off at Mother's Day Out for the first time and came home and wrote this post. My boy...he's a growing up and time really seems to be a marching on. He had a great day and his teachers just raved about his bigger the life personality.  The especially pointed out how kind he was to his friends...which was my biggest worry about going back to school because lately he's been a wee bit aggressive.  He stayed the whole day and did well during rest time, but the major downside to him staying all day was the hot mess that he was when he came home.  When Mason gets tired he amps up to the tenth power.

And without further ado here's MC's First Day of Pre-K pictures


Jessica said...

Oh ya. Ellis is a bit grouchy and tired when he comes home, but he won't rest because he said he already did that at school :)

Jessica said...

and by rest I don't mean sleep :)