Monday, September 17, 2012

The post where I talk about breastfeeding

Hard to believe that it's getting close to time to wean Drew from nursing.  We have been at it for about ten months and I plan to introduce whole milk next month.  I'm hoping the weaning process goes smoothly. I know I'm going to miss nursing him for many reasons, but especially for the convenience factor.  Breastfeeding was so easy this time around.  With Mason the first eight weeks were pretty dicey. I wanted to give up everyday, but pushed through. With Drew, it just clicked right away for both of us.  Don't get me wrong it was still gut wrenching pain every time he latched on for about a week or so, but then it went away.  I still can't believe we are at this point. It really seems like just the other day I was in his room with him snug in my belly, organizing.  Hanging up little tiny onesies, putting toys on shelves in his closet that he wouldn't be able to play with for quite a while...And  now all of those tiny onsies have been packed away...some of the toys too.  Drew's first year has flown by at lighting speed.  I still can't believe we are close to celebrating his first birthday.  When "they"say with the second baby everything goes so better believe it.  I'm trying to soak in every minute of this baby stage because who knows what the future holds. The way his hair smells when I gently sway back and forth before laying him down, the way his little hand moves when he signs "milk", the way he growls when you ask him what the lion says, the way he lights up when he sees me walk into a room, the way he says bubba when he sees Mason.  I could go on and on.  I hope he slows down a little bit, but as I look at his older brother who is now four...I'm well aware that he won't.

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Jessica said...

This already makes me sad!! I was so emotional when I starting the weening process. And oh, those first few weeks....OUCH....with Ellis it lasted 7 weeks, I hope I'm like you and the second time the pains ends a little quicker.