Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My living room has turned into Toys R Us

Since Mason's birthday he my living room has turned into Toys R Us. Before he had a brown toy chest that all of his "baby" toys fit in quite neatly, but not anymore...all of the baby toys have been retired and all the new birthday toys are too big to fit into my cute little toy chest purchased at World Market that was a great accessory to my living room decor. Oh well the next picture is where I use to store my pictures and other decorative that where Mason's toys are stored when they're not scattered on my floor...oh well I knew it was coming.

On another note...I was holding Mason this morning and I went to turn the IPOD on in the IPOD player and before I could even get it on he immediately puts his hands in the air and starts rocking back and fourth...I guess he knows we are about to JAM OUT!!!

Okay my lovely readers (all 2 of you...LOL) I'm signing off time to put Mase down for a nap and for me to jump into a bikini and mow the yard.



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