Monday, July 27, 2009

Thunder Storms = Cuddles from my sweet lil man!!!

So last night after a awesome work out Scott and I were settling in to watch a couple of our favorite Sunday shows and then the storms rolled in. It was about 9:00...Mason had been a sleep since 7:00, but that all changed when the wind start howling and the hell rumpled the windows. I soon heard my lil man start crying a very different cry then I'm use to hearing so I immediately went up to his room and scooped him up and assured him that mommy and daddy were here and that he was safe. I took him down stairs because the power kept going out and called my parents to make sure that it was just a storm that we were getting because our satellite and power were both out. Okay so now here comes the sweet part...after about 30 minutes of holding Mason and him looking around thinking what in the heck is going on (he usually sleeps right through storms, but this one was a little different) I decided to take him back up to his nursery. I grab his lovey and blanket and rock him in the rocking chair where he immediately becomes limp and rest his face against my chest. I'm eating this up because Mason is sooo on the go these days that he rarely stops to give mommy any cuddles. I hold him and rock him for a bit to make sure he knows he is still lingering so every once in a while his room lights up and I get a glimpse at his eyes just staring at me in trance. Now here's the part that brought a few tears to my eyes...he lets out a big sigh and says....mama and then closes his eyes. A little slice of heaven I tell ya. Thank you Lord for the amazing storm that took me away from my regular shows and gave me the opportunity to hold my little boy and just stop time for just a bit...I'm so thankful!

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