Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things on my mind...

I'm really trying to be a better blogger for my readers...haha! So here I am with my cup of coffee watching the TODAY show, still in my pajamas. Moving on to a few things on my mind.

(1) I'm starting to get really tired of all the MJ coverage. I think it's time for us to move on and let his family move on. Yes, I think he was awesome and he was an amazing performer, but I haven't heard anything new from him in 12+ years. Rest in paradise MJ.
(2)I think it's time to get Mason some overnight diapers...lately he has leaked through his diaper when I go up to get him in the morning.
(3)Need to find a new bikini for our trip to Cabo...which is 3 weeks away.
(4)What are we going to do today?!?! Most of my friends are traveling this week and Mase and I didn't get out of the house at all yesterday. I would like to go to North Park and stroll around there. Back in the day (before Mason) I use to go to North Park Mall at least twice a week. I don't think I've been in about 4 months. Wow...times have changed.
(5)Side note...Mason is sitting next to me eating his grape jelly buttered toast and repeatedly saying yum ummm yumm ummmm. I think he's a fan!

(6)Last but not least...oh great...Mase just decided that he would rub his head with his grape jelly hands...AWESOME...anyway...Last but not least, I'm looking for a pair of New Balance 992 velcro size 5 (see below). They're $40.00 and I know Scott will kill me if I paid that for them since about 2 months ago I bought Mase a pair of Strite Rites that cost me $50 and he's almost grown out of them (my kid has a giant foot). So...if anyone runs across a pair like at Kid2Kid or something similar please let me know. :)



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