Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can I please just freeze time?!?!

I would like to freeze time because Mason is growing up so quickly. He's already wearing a size 2t and his 2 birthday is right around the corner. I absolutely love this stage that he's in. He's so sweet and cuddly and wants to sit in my lap all the time. He'll randomly just walk up to me and kiss me knee or my arm over and over. He continues to amaze me. He know how to make me laugh and will randomly walk in the kitchen where I may be loading the dish washer, making coffee or cooking breakfast and throw his hands up in the air and say "OH GOSH"! It's absolutely the cutest thing I've ever heard. The other day my mom taught him how to say "hurt you" because he was doing something that will hurt him. So yesterday I was straightening my hair with my Chi and he walked in and said "hot" and then he said "hurt you"...he blows my mind. He loves for me to sit in the foyer with him he will stand at one end and me at the other and I will push one of his trucks down the hardwoods, he'll run back and bring it to me and sit down and wait for me to do it again. If at any time I get on the phone he climbs up on the table and starts screaming "dance, dance".
The most unbelievably, unmanageable love that I have for this little person who calls me Mommy I can't even begin to describe. I'm so thankful for everyday that I have with him. I know I can't freeze time and as my sister told me today that he's not mine...that God sent him to me to grow, nurture and get him ready to send out into the world. For now in this moment he is "mine" and I won't take a day for granted!




waltonsinaustin said...

So sweet. Of course he is yours right now, but it would be selfish of us to be sad that our little ones are growing up. We've got to let them grow into the people that God wants them to be, that's why we have to enjoy every moment and not take anything for granted like you said. We're so lucky to have such handsome and healthy little boys! Love you.

hallee@halleethehomemaker.com said...

Your pictures are so precious.

My daughter turns 13 on Saturday. As she has grown, I've thought every single age has been my favorite and I've wanted to freeze time, then she hits a new milestone or age and I say, "No, wait - this one is my favorite."

I was worried when I had my sons (the oldest is 9 years younger than her) that I would not feel the same way, but that hasn't been the case. Now I have 3 and I'm convinced that all of their ages are my favorites - lol.