Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things that made me smile today

  • Giving and receiving Butterfly Kisses

  • Mason throwing his blanket over my head and saying "where's mommy"

  • Then Mason joining me under his blanket and saying "hi" followed with a kiss

  • Me asking Mason where his kitty was and him saying "I don't know" and then calling out Magic (are cats name is Maverick) Magic

  • Me calling his NahNah and when she said "Hi Mason" He screamed "Little Man" into the phone. She calls him Little Man quite a bit

  • Taking Mason to the book store and seeing his love for books

  • Listening to Mason sing

  • Ending the day by sharing a hot fudge sundae with my little man at Braums

  • After saying our prayers Mason fist pumps up and say "AHMEN"

Those are just the ones that I remember. He truly is a funny little thing and keeps me smiling and laughing all through out the day.



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