Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Baby

On March 28th my suspicions were confirmed...we were going to have another baby.  Scott and I had decided to take a break from the whole baby thing consider I had had two miscarriages in the last year, but God had another plan.  We were cautiously excited, but deep down I really felt like this time was different.  I still have a hard time saying that because I feel like I might jinx something. 

I'm almost 15 weeks along and if wasn't for my rapidly growing mid section I really wouldn't even know I was pregnant.  I stay pretty busy and active so maybe I don't give myself much time to think about all the other stuff.  This pregnancy is already flying much quicker then Mason. Kind of scary because before I know it I will have an outside baby.  We aren't finding out the sex this go around until birth.  Mason seems to get that he has a baby brother/sister growing in mommy's belly and has already claimed it as his baby.  No surprise there considering MINE is his favorite word. 

Due date for CoccaNut #2 is Dec. 5th.  Prayers are welcomed and very much appreciated!



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Sarah Corrigan said...

I'm so happy for you friend. Can't wait to meet the little CoccaNut!!