Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dirty Little Ham

This is too funny to not post.  This goes without saying that Mason is Mr. Personalitly and enjoys making others laugh.  Recently, he's started taking showers.  Yesterday was his first day to take one with out Scott.  While he was in the shower he's washing his body and I hear him tell me "Mom...I'm like a Dirty Little Ham"  he kept repeating this over and over.  I was rolling on the floor laughing and maybe this is just funny to me, but this really made me laugh.  I finally asked him "who calls him a Dirty Little Ham" and he said "Papa does".  I then called my mom and told her the story above...which she found quite funny too and could hear him scream "I'm like a Dirty Little Ham" through the phone.  Side note: my dad has never called him a Dirty Little Ham...where does he come up with this stuff?!?!  I sure do LOVE my DIRTY LITTLE HAM!

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