Tuesday, January 5, 2010


He's 18-months ya'll!!! When exactly did that happen?!?! We just got home from the Mason's Well Check and I just put him down for his afternoon nap and thought I would try to slip in a blog post before I start getting the house back in order before Cocca gets home from work. I like for the house to be picked-up when he walks in the door, it doesn't happen everyday, but most days I do pretty well. Mason did really well and the doctor. It always a little hard waiting in the waiting room because he roams around and tries to share his snack or take other kids snacks away. Once we get back in the room I can breath a little, but then he's opening every drawer and then opening the door to out of the room to see what all the nurses are doing outside. He was just a talking away to the nurses and Dr. Watkins. Dr. Watkins couldn't believe the vocabulary that he has. I swear the kid knows over 50 words..at least. He has a couple 2 word sentences too. Okay...Okay I try not to be "that" mom who brags about everything her child does, but he just blows me away sometime. Per Dr. Watkins...he's "TALL & Skinny". He's not scared of the Doc at all and even tried to help him with some of his paper work in his chart...what a kid!

After or check-up we met up with one of my old work friends for lunch. Mason is a little challenging these days to take out to eat so I really don't feel like I got to really catch-up. Hopefully we can meet up again soon for some more adult conversation

Tonight my mom is coming over to spend the night after she gets off work because my dad is out of town and she doesn't like staying by herself. Looking forward to her visit. When I talk to her on the phone this afternoon she said that her house was way to quite and I told her not to worry...it's rarely quite at ours.

Okay...got to run. Time to get my booty in gear.

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