Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cozy Sunday

Hey ya'll! Just put Mase down for a nap and Scott left to workout at 24hr. Still trying to understand why we turned one of our spare rooms into a gym if he was going to go and get a gym membership?!?! Oh well, at least it leaves me with a quiet house for a few hours. This weekend has been a weekend full of family time. Mase has been in a great mood and has played quite a bit independently so Scott and I have been able to start looking into planning our family vacay. Last night I cooked my Frito Bandito Chili Pie and it was sooo yummy then we watched the cowboy game. So to sum it up...a pretty lazy weekend. I sure hope it warms up this week so Mase and I can go outside for a bit...we are starting to get cabin fever. Hope you guys have a blessed week!

Thought I posted this yesterday, but I didn't so it's a day late.

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