Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Little Toddler

Mason is growing so fast and we are having so much fun! He's such a little boy. He's a few days shy of 19 months. We are starting to think about his big boy room. Currently we have one of our rooms as a guest room, but that will eventually be Mase's room so I'm trying to decide what theme I want to go with...I'm thinking dinosaurs or trucks because he reminds me of a dinosaur and he loves trucks.

What else...he such a little stinker when it comes to wearing a diaper. If he doesn't have some sort of pants/shorts on over his diaper he takes that baby right off. He's very interested in the potty and has been telling me when he poops and pees for about 7 months. He like to sit on it and today he took his diaper off and said potty and ran to the bathroom opened the door and asked to sit down on it...of course nothing happened, but I think we are starting to think about the potty.

He is saying several sentences. On of my favorite is GET DOWN! He tells the cats to GET DOWN all the time...pretty cute. One of his favorite activities is to go into the coat closet, close the door and say "Where's Mason?" and then he opens the door and says "There he is!"

He still like to use some of his signs which I really don't even do with him. He talks all the time so I really could careless if he sign or not, but he really enjoys it. He watches signing time and teaches me. I usually put one on ever couple of days just so I can unload the dishwasher or something like that and keep him occupied. I think signing time is nice before the can communicate, but now we really don't have a need for it...he loves it though.

Well I'm sure I left our a ton of stuff, but that's all my brain can think about at this moment. I still love being able to stay at home with him and watch him grow and experience all of his"first" (thank you Scott...I am truly blessed)!

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