Friday, September 10, 2010

Making new friends

I love to make new friends and yesterday I made a new friend.  The two morning out of the week that I drop MC off at "school" I usually see the same moms doing the same thing.  I'm usually wearing my workout gear so on my way out yesterday another mom walked out with me wearing her workout gear too and she asked if I was headed to the gym.  I said "yes" she asked "where" I said "24hr" and she said "me too".  We got on elliptical next to each other, and burned over 500 calories.  During our conversation we realized that we have so much in common...such a down to earth girl.  Funny thing is that I've seen her at the gym all summer long and all along thought she seems so nice and someone I could be friends with. Cheers to making new friends!

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