Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ear infection and a picnic in the car

Good morning y'all!  Yesterday we took a trip to the Doc where we found out MC had a ear infection.  We were sent home with a RX for an antibiotic and hopefully we are on the mend.  Mase loves the doctor, we've never had a problem with him going or crying at the doctor.  So it's usually a pleasant experience...thank Gawd.
reading a little Eric Carl while waiting on the doc

After our appointment we has about 45 minutes to kill while waiting on our prescription to be filled.  We decided to spend our time having a picnic in the back of my SUV.  We grabbed some Sonic and sat in the back and had was fun and MC thought it was pretty neat that we were sitting in the car eating. 

Today we have a pretty fun day planned.  Play date at the park at 10:30 with all of our friends from "school" and then a trip to the gym.  Hope all you lovelys have a great day.


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