Friday, February 4, 2011

Coffee, oatmeal and a popsicle???

Yep, that MC's idea of a perfect "snowed" in morning.  Each time I open the door to let Sir Griffin out he says "Mama close the's cold"  "lets get cozy".  So that's exactly what we're doing...getting cozy. 

We woke up to about 6 inches of snow this morning, which is far more then what the weather man predicted.  I think that said we would get a little dusting...I think we got a little more then a dusting.  Any is what it is.  We will more then likely be stuck inside for a few more days and I will have to cancel my lovely spa day tomorrow.  On the bright side...maybe with all the ice and snow all of those yucky germs that have been lingering will be killed off. 

p.s. my main worry is that my vino stash is almost gone like...I'm down to 1/2 a bottle...UH-OH!!!

Stay warm friends,


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