Thursday, February 26, 2009


Here's a few pictures of Mason and his buddy Gabe. Gabe is my neighbor's almost 6 month old son. I took this pics while out on a walk with Crystal. The weather has been so fabulous this week that we've been outside everyday after I pick Mase up. I hear that the weather is suppose to get colder right in time for the weekend...go figure! I went to Babies R Us in Allen on my lunch break today because one of my friends is having a baby shower this weekend...actually I have a baby shower every weekend in the month of March. Wild. Anyways...I was really good I looked at only the items that I planned on buying for the shower gift and then got the hell out of there. Everyone has there spring line out and I'm trying like hell to wait until that stuff goes on sale. Shouldn't be long.

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The Northups said...

Hey! Where are you working now that you can go to Allen during lunch? Did you change jobs?