Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun and Papa and DeeDee's!

Hi Ya’ll!! This past Sunday Mason and I loaded up and headed SOUTH…we spend half the day at Papa’s and DeeDee’s. As you can see Mase loves his Papa and his DeeDee too, but she’s always the one taking the pictures. They wanted to take him to their hang out…A.K.A STARBUCKS to show him off to all of their friends, but wouldn’t you know it none of the regulars were there so Papa showed him off to so other random folks…such a proud Papa! I enjoyed out visit so much…I think GOD everyday that I have been blessed with such wonderful parents who play such an active role in my son’s life. Thank you Mom and Dad I love you sooooo much! Please excuse the way I look in these pics…it was way too early to think about putting make-up on our fixing my hair. LOL!!!!

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