Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Recap

We had soooo much fun on Halloween. We started out the evening with our annual get together at the Collins Lane Cul de Sac with all of our neighbors. Then my mom and dad arrived and we went trick-or-treating with my family and our friends Stephanie & Jeff and their kiddos. Mason's costume turned out perfect. I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like, but I wasn't sure how it would turn out. The great thing was that everything I purchased were all things he could wear again so I didn't feel like it was a total waste of money. My little guy really enjoyed trick-or-treating and totally had the hang of it. I was so glad I took him out. After hitting a whole street of houses we headed home and my mom and dad took Mason home with them because we had friends coming over to hang out and I knew we would be up late and would like to enjoy a few extra hours of sleep in the morning.

Side Bar Note: I am sooo thankful for my parents! I can't say it enough. They're so active in Mason's life and wouldn't miss one of his events for anything. I love watching them be grandparents and love how much they enjoy being Grandparents. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful parents who think the sun rises and sets on Mason. Love you Mom & Dad!

Okay, back to Halloween. After my mom & dad left a few of our friends came over and we hung outside with a fire in the fire pit and then played pool upstairs for several hours. Such a fun evening. The next morning I headed out to Canton we Stephanie and Karen. My first visit to Canton and boy was it crazy. Had a great time, but was really exhausted especially after having to drive to my mom & dad's to pick up Mason and then drive home and deal with a fussy baby who usually goes to bed at 6:30 and just kept saying "night-night" and I was trying to keep him up so he could adjust to the time change. After putting him to bed Scott and I watched an episode of Dexter and then called it a night.

Well...better run. Busy day today-Home Depot, Super Target and then off to the Doc for Mason's flu shot!

And now I would like to introduce you to RAMBO!!!

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