Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Woman behind the camera

Okay so as I go through the million and one pictures that we've (I) have taken of Mason since his birth I realize that there are very few that I'm actually in...which kind of makes me sad. Anyway...the picture below Scott captured as Mason and I were sharing a bagel. I don't even care that I little like total dog poo in these pictures because I feel like he really captured a special moment between little Mase and his mommy.

Yesterday was a fabulous day. Nothing too exciting just a lot of outdoor fun with friends. We took a walk with our new neighbors Megan and her two little ones Luke and Dillon and then played outside with or other neighbors Crystal, Elle and Gabe. We've got a busy rest of the week because I'm throwing my lil sis her baby shower on Saturday which happens to fall on my birthday. I've been so wrapped up in the planning of the shower that I've totally forgot that my birth is a few days a way. to run. Time to put on a pot of coffee and pick up all of Mason's breakfast that he's thrown on the floor....GOOD TIMES!

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