Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a fabulous day

Today Mason and I had plans to head south bound to visit with my dad. As soon as my mom got word that we were coming over during the day she had to figure out a way to be there. So she was able to finagle working from home that day. We got over there around 11:45 and Mason was soooo excited to see his Nah-Nah and Papa. I made the mistake of telling him we were going over there after his morning nap so when I put him down all he did was say Nah-Nah & Papa over and over and never did end up sleeping.

After a couple of hours of hard play with Mason & his best bud (AKA PAPA) I laid him down for a nap. Well about 45 minutes in my dad sees him move on the video monitor and says he's up...News Flash dad...we move in our sleep. :) It all worked out though because we needed to get on the road before too long to. Before our road trip back home my dad wanted to take me for a ride on one...yes he has two Harleys. My dad has had them for a while, but I've never been on a ride with him. Let me just say...I totally get it now!!! I had a blast. What a fun memory to have...riding on the back of a Harley with your dad. My dad is pretty awesome. Sure we had our ups and downs when I was a teenager, but what girl doesn't?!?! Now my dad is my best friend and still after all these years I still find myself try to please him and make him proud. I hope I'm still doing a good job.

Okay got a run. Little Man would like me to give him some attention.

P.S. just bought my mom an awesome XMAS present...can't wait to see her reaction when she opens it.

Another P.S. Please keep my sister and Baby Landon in your prayers...a few things up in the air right now, but I know everything will turn out perfect.

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