Monday, February 1, 2010

Coffee Time

Morning Ya'll! So as I sit here drinking my coffee and watching Mason play I thought I would fit a blog post into my day before we get to busy. On today's agenda we are having a play date at my house at 10:00 with my friend Anna and her daughter Gabby (20 months). I really look forward to play dates...usually we have them once a week at some one's house or at the park if it's nice out. I love to watch Mason play with other's just the cutest thing. Last time her kept giving Gabby kisses and after a while she would grow tired of the kisses and screams out NO! NO!...we got many laughs out of that one. Right now Mason is eating a pop tart on the couch next to me and let me tell ya...he's got quite the mess going on right now, but he's occupied and allowing me to type on the computer so I'll just clean it up later. coffee is so good. Starbucks breakfast blend with Southern Pecan creamer...if you haven't tried you should go buy it right now! It's the best. here's my Mason funny for the day. So as you all know he can say anything these days and repeats anything so we've had to start being a little okay a lot careful about what we say. Words that we wouldn't like to him to repeat. Well...every now and then I'm know and so is Scott to say DAMN. So Mason has really taken to that word and the first time he said it we both laughed because we couldn't believe so now he thanks it's a really funny word and being the crowd pleas er that he is he says it as loud as he can in the cutest southern draw.
On another note my camera of 4 years has bit the dust...that's why you haven't seen any pics in a while. While I would love to get the Nikon D90 that is just not in the cards for us right now being that I'm a stay at home mom and all. $900 is a lot to shell out for a camera. So do you guys have a camera that you recommend in about the $300-$400 range?
With that I leave you with these sweet pictures of my precious nephew Landon. Is he the cutest thing you've ever seen? He will be 2 month tomorrow...LOVE HIM!!!

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Lindsey Spraggins said...

I love my Nikon! :) So I have to recommend a Nikon... maybe the D60? Canon's are great too but I'm just unfamiliar with them. Good luck!

PS - I love your blog! :)