Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy Monday

Mason napping, the puppy's napping and the cats napping. I on the other had just finished putting groceries away, cleaning the kitchen, mopping the hardwood floors and now I'm sitting down at 2:00 for a quick bite to eat and a new blog post.

Mason starts preschool (Mother's Day Out) this Thursday and I'm beside myself with nerves. I know he will be do great, but I can't help but be be sad because I'm so use to it just being him and I everyday. He'll go twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday's at our church from 9:15-2:15. Pray that this transition goes well for both of us!

My sister and family arrived at our house on this past Tuesday and they left on Sunday morning. We had a blast together...many laughs and many bottles of wine were shared. This morning when I got up I kept waiting for her and Landon to walk down stairs. Once Mason woke up this morning he informed me that LAW's crying. I guess he was just use to having them around too.

That's all I've got. Time to move on the project: LAUNDRY!



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