Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 3 of blogging FIVE days in a Row

Okay so I know technically it's not day 3, but I fully plan on another post this evening so that counts right?!?! My current mood Right now is Grumpy/Excited/overwhelmed. Excited- because my honey and I leave fore Mexico in the morning. Overwhelmed - because I have a lot to do before getting ready to leave. I finished most of my errands the morning, but I still need to make a quick trip to CVS for some sunscreen. Poor little Mason has been a trooper while mama's been getting ready for her getaway. Yesterday and today we've gone to the following places:
-Doc (me blood work)
-post office
-Dollar Tree
-Best Buy
-Back to the cleaners
-Back to the tailors
-Gas Station
-Back to Best Buy
-Sprint Store
-Nordstrom Rack
-Off 5th Saks
All of those places in the 100+ temp and getting a 2 year old in and out of his car seat over and over. I still need to clean my casa because...who wants to come home to a dirty house?!?! Not me!
Grumpy-because this morning my cell phone was attacked by a virus and is DONZO. I've only had this phone for 4 months tops! I feel like I've lost my best friend. I will say that it has been kind of nice to be a little unconnected especially since I have lots I need to be doing.

Hopefully my next post will be a little more ZEN like because I hope to be writing it with a big cold glass of white wine.
I will be the lady in the hammock come this time tomorrow~



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