Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Coffee Break

Good Morning! Sitting at my kitchen table with this little cutie pootie under my feet. I so HEART this little guy. We have had him for almost a week now and after I about 4 hours in the Cocca house Griff new this was his home and never looked back. Oddly enough the kitty cats and Griff our managing to live in harmony. The puppy wants to play with them so bad and Maverick (cat) thinks that it might be a good idea, but hasn't completely warmed up to the idea. I curious to see about a month from now if they're all just hanging out together like one big family. These days I feel stretched pretty think with making sure all of my four legged family members have had enough attention. And I'm constantly have to break up fights with Mason and Griff. I had no idea that Mason would be upset when Griff was chewing on a chew toy and Mason would demand that is "MINE"! They have a love/hate relationship going on.

We took Mason to church yesterday for the first time other then when he was babtized. We took down stairs to the Children Nursery for 3 and under. They gave us a pager and off Scott and I went. There were no tears shed, just "bye mommy" "bye daddy" and off we went. I'm so proud of the independent little boy that we are raising. Scott and I usually take turns going to church on Sunday so it was so nice to be able to sit next to him during the service with his arm wrapped around me and anytime something the preist said that hit home we could look at each other with a look of how that currently pertains to us. We went to pick up our little man and he was playing away, but very happy to see us. Oh yeah and one more thing about church...we have a large congregation and the 10:30 Mass is always crowded any many members have to stand. Well I find it rather irrating when someone sitting in a pew is sleeping through the mass while others or standing...UGH!

I ran into my neighbor that lives beside us that I don't know too well. I had a sneeky suspicious that she was pregnant, but I was absolutly sure until yesterday. She was admiring Griffin and I was now able to confirm that her baby bump was indeed a baby bump. I asked her when her due date was and she said New Years Day...kind of crazy because before I my misscairrage our baby would have been due Jan. 2nd.

Today my sis and Landon are coming to stay with us for a few days. So stoked! She's bringing us fresh fruits and veggies from her father in-laws garden. I love my sis we are such besties and we love spending time together and making each other laugh.

I have a new favorite band and I thought you guys should know it.
The Band Perry=LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

Okay so if anyone is still reading this cudos to you. I good continue but I'm sure most of you are bored. Have a great week people!



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