Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.) I love the "calm before the storm" in the mornings. Just me, my music, fur babies and big cup of java. The storm would be Mason. I really need these couple of hours to gather myself before the "storm" wakes up with all of his demands and that darn Dora singing to me in the background.

2.) The city I live in is getting a Mi Cocina-nuff said!

3.) The Texas State Fair will open in 31 days. Can't wait to get my hands on a corny dog and funnel cake.

4.) There's football on TV again. As exited as I am about football season and watching "America's Team" it comes with consequences...Scott's in two fantasy football leagues which kind of makes me a widow for a bit.

5.) Halloween-what will MC be for Halloween? We like the idea of Tarzan for two reason, 1.) it's his favorite movie right now and 2.) he's totally a Tarzan kind of guy, but I fear that this will be the year that its not 80 degrees on Halloween and I'll have my son in a Tarzan get-up.

6.) My next project on the horizon is Mason's big boy room. He will move out of the nursery and into one of our guest rooms. I'm so over all of the toys in my living room and think it's time for him to start playing in his room. I know my living room will never be exactly toy free, but currently there's a train table and picnic table in there. My sister found a super cute site for bedding companykids.com and I think I have a few options for the direction that we want to go in.

7.) I love fall. It's my mom and my favorite time of the year. Maybe because both of our birthday's our in the fall or maybe it's because both of us love to eat and there are lots of excuses to eat during the fall. I'll be 29 this fall. Not sure how I feel about that, but not much I can do about it either.

8.) I try to hide my excited when my sister tells me that she and her husband are pretty sure that they want to live in the city we live in, but inside I'm bursting at the seams. I can't imagine living in the same city as my sis. We haven't lived in the same city since Dec. 31st 2000...that's right almost 10 years ago. That's when I moved out of my childhood home to "spread my wings and fly". When you're 18 you aren't thinking about never living with your sister again. Your way to wrapped up in yourself. Wish I would really treasured the time that we lived together because you can never go back. When I think of all of the many things we and our families can do together I seriously get choked up, but I try to contain my excitement because it not a for sure thing and I don't want to get my heart broke. The thought of Mason and Landon growing up mere miles from each other and the sleep overs that will take place...well...there's not much more I can say...I think I might explode if it happens!!! Finger, toes and everything else crossed!

9.) Last night Mason had a rather challenging night. He wouldn't listen to Scott or me and finally Scott said he just needs to go to bed. It was pretty early for him, but he was warn out from playing hard with his buddy Brent in the 104 temps for 45 minutes straight. I took him upstairs screaming and kicking and told him because he was disobedient he had to go straight to bed without me reading any books to him. He kicked and screamed the entire time I was getting his diaper changed and jammies on. After I got him ready for bed I caved because he had huge tears running down his face and I new he was exhausted so I turned out the light put my baby against my chest, rocked him and watched him melt in my arms. Five minutes later he was passed out.

10.) I'm crazy about Lands' End Canvas Fall Collection. I'm not usually a Lands' End fan, but their Canvas collection is YUMMY! http://canvas.landsend.com/canvas/index.html

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