Monday, January 31, 2011

It's too early for beer...right?!?!

We just finished our oatmeal, egg whites and coffee and now it's time to grab a water from the garage fridge. I got out to the garage, grab my water, sit back down on the couch and realize that I'm holding a bottle of Bud Light...WTH! It's Monday, but for a Monday it's going pretty well so I really can't justify drinking a beer at 8:30.  Have no fear I put the beer back and I'm currently sipping on my refreshing water.

Weekend Recap:  Nice weekend.  Scott was in Washington D.C most of the week with work and then visiting his brother.  He got back Saturday around 4ish.  Friday MC and I spent the early afternoon at the zoo and then I took him to my mom and dad's house to spend the night.  Met my sister and her family at Windy City Dawgs for dinner and then she came over and we had a wine and Jersey Shore night.  At 11:00pm we got a craving for a taquitio so off to Whataburger we went.  I can't tell you how long it's been since I've been in the drive-thru at Whataburger at that time of night.  Side Story:  Don't judge the Jersey Shore watching. I stumbled upon the show Friday night when I was trying to stay up late.  When Scott's out of town I like to stay up late and watch tv so that I just crash when I off the tv.  Therefor not hearing in strange sounds weirding myself out. Jersey Shore just happen to be the only thing on and I must say that show is's even better when you have a glass or two of wine and someone to watch it with...thanks sis.  Moving on...Saturday morning consist of me drinking four cups of coffee and in my jammies until 10:00...felt so good y'all.  My mom picked me up around 3ish and we went to sister's house, then to the park.  Mom treated my sis and I to a early dinner...thanks MOM!!!  Saturday evening after putting MC to bed I headed out to see Jason Boland in concert at Southern Junction...good time were had by all.  Sunday was a day of rest...Enough Said. 

Hope all of you kick this Monday off right!  We are on our way to the gym in a few and Scott's in bed with a case of Montezuma's Revenge...poor guy. 



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