Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A token Tuesday

 How you doin? (Wendy Williams voice)  Yesterday, was a day...we have a lot of good days at this house, but the CoccaNuts had different plans for yesterday.  Those two ganged up on my! At the end of the day I text my sister to see if she had had a similar day...sure enough her boys had put her through the ringer too.

On Monday Stephanie's husband called Scott to see if he and Mason wanted to go to the Mavs game with him and Brent.  I had to get a picture of these studs before leaving. 

 I really hope these two stay buds forever.

While they were at the game I was very much enjoying my alone time so that I could watch Gossip Girl with out Scott making fun of me and asking me if I was going to go shop at Forever21 too.  I digress...I had the game on mute incase I caught a glimpse of them on tv...wouldn't you know it I happen to look up at the right time and spotted Jeff and Brent.  I paused and then I was able to spot Scott and Mason too.

 Drew loves bath time....and drool.  More teeth...we already have eight. Yesterday, during all the chaos all three of us decided to get in the bath together. Let's just say...more water on the floor then in the bath. 
 Griffin Dog! He has a nice plush bed in our room, but prefers to sleep under Scott's pants.

I will say that the snow was a nice surprise yesterday morning and I really enjoy the way my living room looks (minus the baby wipes in the middle of the floor) before the shorties wake-up.  Once they're up...well...all bets are off. 

This is more like it. Monster truck on my kitchen table, a baby doing dishes, Mason dancing around in his Calvin's and Griffin waiting for a snack to drop.
Loves Pirate's Booty!
And this little special picture is what it looks like when you've decide that the little ones won and they are now free to do whatever they want. This room is our guest/craft room. Looks great huh? 

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