Monday, January 14, 2013

And it's Monday

I started the weekend off by taking Mason to my mom at her office in Dallas.  Mason said that he was tired and needed a little nap. So nap he did.  I still can't get enough pictures of my boys sleeping.  Wonder if I'll still be doing this when they're sixteen years old? He spent the weekend with his Nonny and Papa and came home on Sunday with lots of funny stories.  One that really makes me laugh is that he said Nonny said Damn, which I know is not true because the woman just doesn't cuss...end of story.

On Saturday we just took it easy.  Lots of playing and chasing and wearing me out. At one point I couldn't find Drew....and then I found him going through the cat door.  Mystery solved.

Guess I should feed him
On Saturday night we went to a good friends birthday party at Nick and Sam's Grill. Delish! We can't wait to go there.  I had our babysitter snap a picture of us before leaving.  I want more pictures of us and of me with the kids.  Speaking of always embarrassing when you receive a text that says the baby is fine, but can you tell me where I can find some toilet paper?  And then you have to tell her to go into your room which is an absolute disaster and grab some from your bathroom.  UGH!

This is what I looked like after the word...tired!

One more thing...I'm extremely late to the whole Gossip Girl thing, but I can't get enough! It's what I do while I fold laundry.  Usually I set my notebook up on my bed and fold away. 


Anonymous said...

Too funny! No, I did not say "damn", I said "down", but he did accuse me of saying "damn" and I had to explain to him what I said......LOL!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Cracking up about the baby-sitting TP situation. Hahaha! That's such a great picture of you guys- you look so pretty! And I LOVE your bedroom!!!