Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Say what...

I do pretty well keeping calm through out the day with my children, but come 4:30pm all bets are off.  We've been trapped in the house for days because is it really worth it to get two children out in this cold wet nasty weather?!?!  At about 4:30 in the evening I usually turn into "mean mommy".  I hate mean mommy.  Mason was tired and Drew was whining and get into everything.  I put him in his high chair for dinner while administering a time out for Mason.  Mason was kicking the door in his room and I feared that at any moment he was going to kick the door down.  So, I left Drew in his high chair snacking on some Pirates Booty...not knowing that I forgot to strap him in.  Well...after getting things under control with Mason we walk downstairs and find Drew walking out of the living room headed to meet us at the stairs.  He climbed out of his high chair!!!  The look on his face was priceless...he was holding his milk cup (couldn't forget that) and slapping his chest with this huge smile plastered across his face. How does a baby climb out of a high chair...with his milk cup?  Mason was equally shocked and asked me if i wanted to take a picture...more like a video, Mase.  In the last few weeks this one year old of mine has turned into a spider monkey.  Most days I can handle the get into everything baby, but the climbing in and out and onto everything baby has mean flat worn out!  Yesterday, I just needed five minutes of quiet and hands free so I put him in his high chair and rolled him straight up to the television and turned on some baby programming hoping to just sit and relax...he didn't even last 2 minutes.

 This is not my first rodeo with a baby that gets into everything, but Drew...I think he might be a freak of nature.  

Our daily dance party to the Pandora station The Lumineers

Brothers making secret hide outs

Love my boys  even with the make "mean mommy" come out.  The keep me on my toes that's for sure.

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