Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And it's Nap Time

Just layed MC down and there's a lot I need to accomplish during the 2 1/2 - 3 hour time span that he will be down.  First off I need to finish the hour or so that I left of Bachelor Pad.  Are you watching?  I heart this show.  So much better then the Bachelor and Bachelorette in my opinion.  Then I need to finish up a shower gift that I'm making for a high school friend who now lives in Minnesota.  And last, but not least I'm going to squeeze in a Prenatal Yoga...so good for my sciatica. 
We had play group at my house this morning with my sis and her son Landon and my friend Stacia and her son Duggan.  We ended play group with sprinklers and a trip to Chick Fil A...everyone was happy. 
This morning before our friends arrived I completed that craft I blogged about a few days ago.  Turned out pretty cute huh?  All for a whopping 3 bucks.  Now I just need a reason to have some friends over to use these bad boys. 
Tutorial click here

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Stephanie @ This Casita said...

Love how the project turned out!