Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting Crafty

I've never been a crafty person, but the last few months I've been trying. 

With the temps in the 100s the days there's not much for a SAHM and small child to do.  So...during Mason's naps I usually spend about an hour working on a simple project I've pinned in Pinterest (do you need an invite?)  I heart Pinterest and have found some of the best crafts there.  I'm really looking forward to the fall and Christmas crafts that I've pinned. 

Today I made Coasters! Click here for a full tutorial. 

Here's Mason's wall letters that turned out awesome.  Missing the O' and N', but you get the idea

Next up is this little project, just having decided on the plates I want to use.
Tutorial Click here.

How are you keeping busy and staying out of the heat???

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Jessica said...

love the plate platter idea! I'll be on the look out for some cute dishes to do that with. of course then my issue is always, where in the world will I store it!!!?! I keep hearing people talk about pintrest but haven't looked at it yet