Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby #2's Gender

A couple of weeks ago we went in for my 20 week sonogram to check on Baby Cocca.  We waited until the  very end to of our sono to find out the gender I wanted to know all of the important stuff like heart, brain, and more were looking great first.  As soon as I saw that sweet babies profile I thought more then likely we were looking at another boy and Scott immediately shouted out "that's a boy"...well...all of my "feelings" were right on because we are having ANOTHER BOY! A tear ran down me cheek as soon as those words were said...not because I wanted a girl but because I was just so happy.  I'm sure I would probably have the same reaction if they would've said girl, but the thought of little brothers growing up together and concocting plans and getting in double the trouble just makes me smile.  I fill completely fulfilled and if we decide to have a 3rd child it will be because I want another child not because I'm trying for that girl.  Raising little boys is really something special. For example...on the rare occasion I get dressed, hair done and make-up on...when Mason sees me he always say with out fail "Mom, you a princess" and I melt. 

I can't wait to welcome Andrew Scott Cocca into our family.  I've been busy getting his nursery ready and washing his little clothes and blankets.  Being on the otherside of 20 weeks is making it all a little more real now.  The weeks are starting to go by pretty fast and before I know it we will have a outside baby.  Drew is pretty busy during the day and makes me think I will have another Mason on my hands...BRING IT!  
Baby Drew, we can't wait to welcome you!

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